Buying an aircraft is the preferred option for airlines that have the capital and the expertise required to buy and maintain an aircraft. However, when investing in an aircraft, it is important to have a qualified expert by your side who can analyse your airline’s needs and recommend you the right option based on your resources.

At Zenko Aviation, we utilise our experience of aircraft sales to make sure that your transaction is a success. With their attention to detail and technological proficiency, our experts not only help you select the right aircraft, but also assist you throughout the process, from contract preparation to pre-purchase inspections.



At Zenko Aviation, we offer a complete range of maintenance related activities from line maintenance and engine change to aircraft storage, structural repair, and interior modification.

The core purpose of our maintenance, repair, and overhaul services is to ensure that your deliver on-time, high-quality services to your customers and be recognised as a reliable and customer-focused airline.