We provide immediate replacement for all components from our sizeable inventory that is fully traceable and is certified to meet the national and international quality standards. Our aircraft spare parts exchange services are designed to help airlines reduce costs and downtime associated with finding the exact replacement.

In addition to this, for clients that are expanding the capacity of their fleets or are looking to purchase new ones to replace the worn out parts, we also offer spare parts sales services. At Zenko Aviation, we specialise in the exchange, sales, and MRO of Safety equipment, Brakes, Tires & General spare parts

ground support equipment


At Zenko Aviation, we understand airlines’ need for reliable ground support equipment (GSE) in order to avoid any delays and ensure on-time departures. Therefore, we provide flexible GSE leasing and sales services to help you keep your operations on track. From heavy GSE to light-duty parts, our inventory comprises of a comprehensive range of GSE that have been rigorously tested for reliability and performance. In addition to this, we also offer MRO services to fulfil all your GSE servicing needs and help you avoid the costs associated with purchasing or leasing GSE.

Zenko Aviation specialises in the sales, lease, and MRO of the following ground support equipment Cargo loaders, Ground power units, Baggage tractors, Aircraft air conditioners, Aircraft belt loaders, Airstarters, Aircraft tow tractors



Airlines require an array of tools and equipment to perform day to day maintenance tasks. Zenko Aviation supports its customers by providing them all the tools they need during everyday maintenance or a complete overhaul of their aircrafts. At Zenko Aviation, the following tools are available for sale as well as leasing, depending on the preference of the client.

Base maintenance tools, Avionics tools & Ground support equipment